Mowing the Lawn – Farm Style

Mowing the Lawn – Farm Style

With all the sun and rain we’ve had this last week or two, the grass is growing tall and thick and green.  The trees are unfurling into their summer bloom and everywhere around us looks rick and verdant.  It’s around this time that a person might start thinking about cutting some of that grass back.

Meet our lawn mower, Wander.

DSC_0624 DSC_0622 DSC_0618 She’s efficient, eco friendly and extremely keen; you might say that she really loves her work.  The main cow pasture is currently a little depleted (we are moving them out onto the main pasture this weekend) so she is very much enjoying her evening promenades with Stephen.  Her post-milking strolls allow her to take in the sights, munch some grass, have a chat, munch some grass… you get the picture.  What more could a cosmopolitan cow wish for?

DSC_0626 DSC_0629DSC_0636Of course it so just so déclassé to not include one’s friends when one is enjoying an evening of perambulation, so the boys were instructed to collect a take out bag of sorts for Mrs Morag (not a halter friendly cow unfortunately).  She devoured it with relish.  Her gratitude (conveyed in moos) was evident, though it could easily pass for not giving a toss in the slightest if you didn’t know her quite as well as we do.  Cows do haughty better than a queen and are much less forgiving if you cross them.

DSC_0633Sweet Wander rewarded us with an extra litre of rich, creamy milk this morning, it’s her way of saying “I love you”.  Well maybe it’s her way of saying “I will not stomp on you today but only on the understanding that you keep the green stuff coming”.  With cows it’s hard to tell.

4 thoughts on “Mowing the Lawn – Farm Style

  1. Lucky Wander with all that fresh green grass to gaze in! I just love the faces of cows… my son would love to add one to our little homestead but we’re surrounded by pine trees not pasture sadly.

  2. All Steve needs is a straw hat and chewing on some grass for the perfect picture.

    Huwyl must have grown a foot since I last saw him.

  3. All Steve needs is a straw hat and chewing on grass for the perfect picture.

    Huwyl must have grown a foor since I last saw him.

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