The Spring Equinox. Seriously.

The Spring Equinox. Seriously.

Yesterday I did my chores in just a jacket, no gloves, no hat, just a lined spring jacket and me.  I carried water and feed out to the pigs, grateful for the tiny sprinkle of snow that had fallen on top of the deadly ice, the sun warmed the house so the furnace barely burned at all.  I turned my face up to the sunshine and stretched my arms up to the blue sky.  I stood outside for whole minutes, time ticking by while poetry ran through my mind, describing the feeling of the emerging spring.

Today…not so much.

DSC_0312 DSC_0316 DSC_0315 DSC_0314 DSC_0313Yep, more snow.  A good few inches have fallen this morning, covering the deck that was boards yesterday, wiping away the footsteps and tracks from previous outings on to the farm.  Once more we are blanketed in snow in full defiance of the newly arrived equinox, bringing with it an equal balance of day and night.  More light to see the snow with right now.

But no matter, it is what it is and we must make the best of it.  Today Stephen and the boys will clear out the cow barn in preparation for Morag’s new calf, which is due this coming week.  We’ve been on birth alert for the last month and though she seems in fine fettle, there are no signs so far.  Fingers crossed all will go well with her on these snowy spring days.

While the boys are moving muck, I’m off to a tincture workshop being held by Amber at The Wild Garden, and I’m really excited!  Amber is such a knowledgable herbalist I look forward to learning from her and making more of my own tinctures this coming year.  I have grand plans for a gigantic herb garden as well as raiding the wild larder, oh yes indeed!  And tomorrow, dependent on Morag and her birthing schedule, we’ll be off to celebrate the equinox with other like minded souls, welcoming in this spring that is not a spring and hoping to trigger, by sheer willpower, the greening of the land.  In the meantime stay cosy, stay safe and Happy Spring!

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