Breathing Space

Breathing Space

This week we had the joy of hosting our science club at the farm.  We were doing a botany and tincture making day so it was perfect to have people here where there was plenty of room to spread out and plenty of plantain to tincture!

The children and parents roamed the fields and woods collecting leaves and flora, with so much space we never felt crowded and we were blessed with the most beautiful mild, sunny September day.  The whole event felt like a lovely gift, the chance to share our home with friends and watch our children soaking up learning as naturally as breathing.  breathing space-9962 breathing space-9963 breathing space-9964 breathing space-9968After the fun and frolics of botany learning, friends playing, mums chatting and the buzz and energy that comes from spending time with good friends, quiet fell over the house.  The boys tried to settle to their own quiet activities as I tidied round but none of us could find our groove.  I knew we needed to head outside again, to walk in the sunshine and fresh air just us, our family.

breathing space-9965breathing space-9969 breathing space-9971We scooped Winnie up and took ourselves off into the fields, roaming under the kind of blue sky that only seems to happen in the autumn.  The boys and the dog ran free as I strolled along behind, absorbing the warm breezes and soft scents blossoming up from the bountiful grasses.

I adore having friends over and the boys couldn’t be happier running rampant with their pals.  But there is something about the landing afterwards, when it’s just us in our own space without the distraction of other people, that can feel a little rocky.  It can leave us feeling scratchy and out of sorts.

breathing space-9977 breathing space-9978breathing space-9972Walking along our familiar path, but finding new treasures and fun along the way, returned us all to ourselves.  I felt that after so much outward energy, teaching our friends about our farm and connecting over lunch and laughter, I needed to take a deep breath in.  The rest of the afternoon tottered along in it’s own rhythm, with cooking, tidying, making and playing all happening alongside each other.  Nothing too exciting, nothing majorly of note but just what was needed .  Just the things that make up home.


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  1. We had a wonderful time doing science class at your farm. Every time I visit you I instantly feel relaxed, in awe, and a bit jealous all at the same time. Cant wait to come back.

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