Honey Honey

Honey Honey

Though we’re not in full honey extraction mode we are definitely bang smack in the middle on honey season, and there really isn’t a better season than that.

honey season-9675 honey season-9676 honey season-9678While he was checking on the bees (who have had a great summer feasting on the wildflowers in our fields) he decided to give them some extra room and moved on the racks out forcing us (forcing I tell you!) to make big boxes of honey comb.  Life is hard on the farm.

honey season-9680honey season-9679honey season-9687

I honestly didn’t think I could enjoy honey more than I did last year but this, this is a whole other level.  The sweetness mixed with a tang that only comes from a good nectar flow make for a flavour that is impossible to resist.  Impossible.

For quality control purposes I popped some of the golden nectar that Stephen had just scraped from the frame onto a slice of bread from the loaf I’d just baked.  I’m not going to lie, I’m glad that no one was in my kitchen meeting me for the first time because the speed at which I crammed that slice into my chops and followed it up with two more doorstops another teeny sliver, would have been embarrassing were it not for the fact that all my attention was on my exploding tastebuds rather than gawping passersby.

It’s that good.

honey season-9688honey season-9684In the next couple of weeks we’ll be taking our full honey harvest but in the mean time you can find me hiding in a cupboard with a loaf of buttered bread and a tub of honeycomb.  Also known as sweet, sweet heaven.


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