How To Make Friends With A Chicken

How To Make Friends With A Chicken

Ever wondered how you can create a bond with a feathered friend?  Feel like something is missing from your chicken/owner relationship?  Want to feel the deep joy and love only an avian pal can provide?

Well here is your answer!

melon-9652 melon-9653sunday august-9638Yep, melon is the key.  We had a real heat spike here midweek, the temperature hit 39C which is not nice for woman nor beast, I was worried about my feathered friends dehydrating so went and got a big bag of melons from the store.  The girls descended on it in a flagrant display of chickeny greed and are now eyeing me expectantly every time I go outside.  I can handle it though, I don’t care about their judgey looks or the way they turn aside from me in disgust when I turn up empty handed.

On second thoughts, we have a couple more melons in the fridge…

NB Anyone feeling compelled to make melon jokes and/or references in the comments should first go for a lie down with a packet of chocolate digestives and an ice pack before committing those feverish thoughts to the interweb.  Comments are for life people.  

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