8 Years Boy

8 Years Boy

My beloved boy, 8 times round the sun we’ve gone, 8 years you’ve lived beside us.  I can’t imagine life without you.

8 years boy-9377 8 years boy-9391 8 years boy-9394You are full of beans and curiosity, you never walk when you could gallop, you are my little comet zooming through life.

8 years boy-9411 8 years boy-9413 8 years boy-9423You are strong and confident, kind to animals and little people, you are infectiously friendly to everyone you meet.

8 years boy-9427 8 years boy-9443 8 years boy-9160You make me laugh every day; your mind is so full and alive I don’t know how you keep your head on!  You are loved and liked by so many people, your desire to bring happiness to others shines out of your beautiful smile.

8 years boy-9172Happy Birthday my beautiful, silly, hilarious, clever, sweet, loving, crazy, noisy, imaginative, creative, galloping, loving and wonderful 8 years boy.

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