Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens

We are very lucky to have a good friend who organises a wonderful homeschool co-op where we get to try out all sorts of lovely activities and have adventures in all sorts of new places.

Today we went to our second fairy garden workshop and how lovely it was.  At our first workshop the boys really didn’t take an interest which was frankly fine by me.  I got to assemble my nicely tasteful garden with stone walk ways and artfully shaded areas and they got to play with their friends for a couple of hours – win-win!

fairy garden-9212 fairy garden-9213 fairy garden-9214

This time, however, the boys were all over the fairy garden action.  They painted, decorated and added a phenomenal amount of glitter and bling, it was epic.  All we need is a mini fairy disco ball and we’ll be having fairy raves outside all summer!

It’s not really clear in these photos but trust me when I say that when it came to the glittery gravel and, well, glitter, there were no holds barred.  The boys decorated, primped, added, added more and then, concerned that fairies don’t like the minimalist approach when on the hunt for flowers in our own garden for a bit more decoration.

fairy garden-9208 fairy garden-9209 fairy garden-9211I think any fairy would be very lucky to call this pad home.  Plus, let’s face it, this is certainly the party pad on the block!

If you are looking for some fairy related inspiration I’ve got a few ideas pinned here and my friend Sarah’s much more extensive board is here.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Gardens

    1. I see nothing creepy at all in two grown women living in a giant reconstructed fairy garden at the front of their house whilst wearing glittery bonnets and eating giant lollies. Totally, totally normal.

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