At the Edge of the World

At the Edge of the World

One of the things I have missed, right down to my very bones, has been living by the sea.  There is nothing, nothing, like the feeling of walking along the shore line; the freshness of the air, the openness of the sky, pure bliss.

edge-8125 edge-8127 edge-8133 edge-8135 edge-8139We’d originally only intended to pop to the beach for half and hour or so, but the burning blue sky and the fresh wind beckoned us on.

edge-8150 edge-8155 edge-8163We leaned into the wind, walking up the hillside to the rocky path on the headland above.  Jutting out into the water it felt like exploring our own little island, a miniature England of rugged grasses and endless sky.

edge-8168 edge-8169 edge-8170 edge-8171Time slipped away from us as we moved onwards towards the thinning tip of this mini peninsula.  On either side the land fell away to the rushing waves below, blowing away any thoughts beyond the beauty of our surroundings and the precarious trek to the outermost point.

We held on tightly to smaller people’s hands, walking slowly over rocks polished by the elements and the feet of those making the same journey.  But the sea had a magnetic pull, drawing us all as far as we could go.  Then we stood and regarded the beauty of the light shimmering on the incoming tide.

edge-8177 edge-8179 edge-8183 edge-8187Half an hour turned into two and half, a short walk turning into something of an adventure.  By the time we arrived back at the car we were all feeling a little shaky in the leg department, luckily dinner came wrapped in a salt and vinegar parcel so we were all fed and watered in no time.

I think I found a little bit of myself, up on the cliffs today.  On the way home I was filled with energy and joy, astonished at the beauty of what we had witnessed, grateful for the chance to simple walk and see and feel it all.  As I write this the house has settled into silence, boys (old and young) are fast asleep, weary bodies resting gratefully on comfy beds.

But my tiredness can’t quite compete with the glittering reflections that lit up my eyes and heart.  I can still feel the wind on my skin, making off with extraneous thoughts and leaving only what matters behind.  The joy of the moment, the bliss of nature at her spring time best and of course the view, the most amazing view, from that little place out at the edge of the world.

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