11 thoughts on “White

    1. Lol, the Great Pyrenees are bred for snow so our girl absolutely loves it! She was a teeny baby last Christmas so this is the first year we’ve watched her embrace the white stuff fully. She loves to roll around in it, dive about and generally get as cold as she can!

  1. Love your snowy dog and your snow fort, too! It’s been cold here, -30 C and colder most days. That means gorgeous, clear blue skies though! We have lots of snow but it’s too dry for fort making.

    1. I love those cold, clear days. Even if you just stay inside it is wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun and see everything come alight. These are the winter days I love!

    1. I only wish that were true! She is pretty mellow, but being a puppy she certainly has her moments ; ) Yesterday she spent most of her day outside so by the afternoon she was totally exhausted!

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