Walking Circle

Walking Circle

Tuesday dawned bright and crisp, inviting us out to play in the way only an Autumn day can.  Usually we begin our homeschool with a circle, song and a bit of yoga movement.  Instead I decided that we would take our circle outside and make the most of the cold, refreshing air.



We held hands in the sunshine and sang our morning song, then we took some deep Prana breaths and swung our arms and legs around, our feet becoming soaked with the dew clinging to the grass in shining droplets.  We warmed ourselves with our movements and energized our lungs with the frosty air.  Any pretence at structure was quickly abandoned as we made off into the morning, investigating the changes that Autumn have brought with her.





We chatted with our neighbour cows and their guard donkey investigated us, making sure that we were friendly.  Those curious creatures, so much larger than us, with grass hanging from their steadily chewing mouths, held our attention for quite some time.  Then we headed back to the house, our heads clear, our bodies refreshed.

Every day does not start as well as this, with so much to do and errands to run around town these moments of quite wandering feel like a real luxury.  But on those mornings when the stars align and we make it outside, all cosy and ready for the freshness of the day, we all return renewed and happier.  This season really is a blessing.

4 thoughts on “Walking Circle

  1. Your writing and pictures are beautiful. I really enjoy reading your blogs. My mom, who is a retired English teacher, has enjoyed your writing as well. I am envious of your writing skills.

    So glad I met Steven. I am part of TeamMate; he is building our new community website. What I would give to meet you and your kids. I fell in love with you as soon as Steven connected me to you and told him so. 

    Laura Dease (Wolters Kluwer)

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you for your lovely comment, I’m all blushy! I hope one day you can swing by and visit us here, we can offer bacon, eggs and good views : )

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