Autumn Days

Autumn Days

I know I’m not alone when I say that Autumn is my favourite season, it’s that way for many of us, but I think it might be my children’s favourite too.  The scorching heat of summer has passed and they are outside much more, enjoying the fresher breezes and blue skies.  The house is flooded with light as the sun drops lower on the horizon, making me feel more energised and alive; the tumbling winds have blown away some of the cobwebs that the last stagnancy of summer seemed to leave with all of us.


As well as our regular lessons we’ve  been exploring Autumn in our homeschool too.  For our circle and preschool type activities I have the Seasons of Joy Autumn curriculum, packed with rhymes, songs and crafts to keep us going until the snows come.   We’ve also been reading the stories about Mabon (the Autumnal Equinox) in Circle Round this week, and it’s all tied in nicely to our art and music lessons using our Harmony Arts curriculum.  This morning we listened to Vivaldi’s Autumn on the ipad and Huwyl drew a picture based on how the music made him feel.  We talked about the different moods and he described what it conjured up for him.  We also chose the colours we thought he’d need for an Autumn picture which he drew as he listened.


While Huwyl was drawing, Neirin worked on his own art, chalk and water painting on the blackboard; I was amazed how long this kept him happy.  Huwyl  included all sorts of details in his picture, the tumbling leaves, rain and snow coming in, as well as groundhogs hibernating underground; I love seeing how his imagination is really coming to life in his drawings.



Of course Huwyl really likes to insert realism into his art (and stop Mummy from getting far too giddy)  so he made sure that the horse (who is out hunting in the forest) leaves a big poo on the forest floor.  There are extra lines in case you aren’t sure where it came from as well as the rising steam to show it’s a cold day.  That’s my boy.  


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    1. Hi there! It’s actually a cook book stand that my friend bought for me a few years ago, it comes in handy for all sorts of projects! This one came from Chapters but I’m sure there must be other similar types out there : )

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