Tomato Season

Tomato Season

First of all, thank you for all the kind and thoughtful comments on my last post.  It probably seems like I’m about ready to jump under a bus but honestly that isn’t true!  I think I just needed to vent, get the self pity out of my system before dusting myself off and moving on.  Sometimes a good complain can do the world of good!  Thanks for indulging me.

Second of all…

The first batch of tomato passata has been made, new pyrex dishes have been purchased and I’m eyeing this bad boy with an mind to setting aside my seive and wooden spoon this year in favour of crank technology.

My goal is to have a year’s worth of tomatoes in the cupboard, don’t know if I’ll make it but I’ll give it my best shot.  I know by the end of the month I’ll probably never want to see another tomato but right now I’m so excited to have an oven full of these home grown beauties!  Passata, ketchup, canned tomatoes, fresh quiches, stir fry, bolognese….

The tomatoes have arrived!

To make Roasted Tomato Passata a la River Cottage

Halve tomatoes and place on a baking sheet or glass pyrex dish with garlic and any herbs you have lying around (thyme, basil & oregano all work well).

Roast in the oven 400f/200c for 45 minutes.

Pass through a sieve/food mill to remove skin and seeds. 

To preserve bring the sauce to boiling then pour into sterilised jars or bottles, tip the jar/bottle while still very hot to make sure the exposed glass is very sterile then store in a cool, dark cupboard.  

Happy preserving!

4 thoughts on “Tomato Season

    1. What is it about a year’s worth of tomatoes that just makes us feel like we’ve made it?! I’m hoping that with 200 plants we’ll get close this year, I’ll be monitoring when we run out and hopefully that will give us some idea of how much we’ll need to plant next year. The problem is they are so delicious we eat twice as much as we normally would!

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