Seven Years Boy

Seven Years Boy

On Saturday we celebrated Huwyl’s seventh turn around the sun.  My boy, my little lightening strike is growing up for sure.  He requested a Harry Potter themed birthday party and I was happy to oblige.  We had a wand care class, charms class (making bead bracelets and necklaces), a potions class (this was really popular and Huwyl has repeated it several times!), a transfiguration class (mask making) and of course a visit to Honeydukes.

Stephen hand carved wands for each child and stained them so each one was unique.  The wood came from our own land so that had a very personal touch to it.  He made labels for each one and we showed them how to care for their wands by rubbing beeswax polish on them made from coconut oil and local beeswax.

As usual we were too busy to take very many pictures so you’ll have to trust me when I say fun was had!  After some serious noshing at Honeydukes we brought out the cakes.  The first cake was a white cake shaped like a castle and iced in blue and white , the second was a vegan chocolate volcano cake as we had children at the party who couldn’t have dairy or eggs.  This cake was for Neirin as he was sick for his birthday party and so spent what should have been his party on the sofa with a fever.   It was lovely to see everyone tucking in and enjoying themselves, celebrating our precious boy.

Huwyl loved the Hogwarts theme and was fully kitted out as Harry Potter (thanks to Nana), we’ve just finished book 2 and he is all about the world of Hogwarts and the magic therein.  The children really embraced each activity and especially enjoyed the potions class.  I was very much aided in my organising by my friend Cheryl who held a HP party last year and wrote a blog post with all the links I used on it.  I also got ideas and links for signs from here, a brilliant resource that saved me much hassle when it came to decorating.

After the official party was over we moved outside, the children scrambled up and down the hay castle Stephen had made for them, and explored the farm as fully as they could (that is another post in itself!).

As everyone headed home Stephen and I slumped on the sofa, utterly exhausted.  Not unlike the feeling of 7 years ago when our little lad came into the world!  To see him so strong, so full of life, love and valued by friends made the work all worth it.  Happy Birthday my beautiful, magical boy.

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    1. You are officially invited to all future parties, I will assign you a bowl of jelly beans to yourself. Please try not to cry in gratitude. Ok go ahead and cry, I don’t judge.

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