Summer Fruit Fun

Summer Fruit Fun

Is it me or is it hot?  Anyone else notice this?  It’s a bit like, how can I put it, being on the surface of the sun while opening the oven on a hot day.  Yup.  I know I’m not the only one suffering right now but I don’t handle high heat well.  No running, no chores and definitely no cooking.  Luckily this is the perfect season for fruit, for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner!

I’m really pleased to have a post on this very topic over at Playful Learning, the lovely Mariah has invited a few other mamas to contribute to her wonderful blog and I’ve written about how to include more fruit in kids’ diets.  Good timing given the heat!  Pop over if you’d like to have a look and get a few ideas for having fun with natures summer treats.

I’ll be back midweek with (many) pictures of hay.  Now if that isn’t enough to keep you on the edge of your seats I don’t know what is.

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