A Single Moment

A Single Moment

Joining Amanda today to celebrate the beauty of the everyday.

This boy, this three year old, who tells me very seriously about how eyebrows are stuck on with glue, how he wants to drink milk so that he can grow big like me and draw pictures whenever he likes (even after bedtime).  This boy who calls me ‘Princess’ and tells he will guard me from monsters, who is in turn a puppy, kitty cat and robot.  Sometimes all at the same time.  This boy who says “Can you read this book to me?” in such a way as to make any heart melt.  This boy who hugs like he means it, will all the strength and intensity his little body can muster; when he hugs you, you stay hugged.

This boy who is not really a baby anymore but is still my baby.

6 thoughts on “A Single Moment

  1. this boy is so cute.. i like that age..the stuff they say and things they do i kiss n hug them as much as posable

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