Last week my sister, mother-in-law and I took a trip to one of Canada’s most famous cities, Montreal.  I was excited to get out of province and see somewhere new; with a farm to run, a house to tend and a family to feed getting out and about can be tricky.  But with the help of Stephen and his Dad who took care of the boys, we were able to have a whole to day dedicated to outward bound fun.

I really enjoyed the city, the mix of old and new, modern and classic; it was a place that combined commerce and art, creating its own blend of chic.  Of course I felt right at home!  The architecture was a real pleasure, a mix of classic European (a lot of Montreal reminds me of Paris and bits of London) and North American, with buildings that remind me of films set in New York.

The weather did not smile on us but luckily there were plenty of cafes and restaurants to skip into if the rain got heavy or our tummies peckish.  We were also occasionally forced into shops for some serious browsing and even the occasional purchase.  Sigh, such is the burden the three of us carried together.

I truly adore where and how we live, but this day in the city was such a refreshing change.  Time to take photos, browse, chat, eat and drink; no wellingtons, or pig feedings, no mud or regular daytime chores.  It was just one day but for this Mama it was something of a mental holiday, a chance to remember that there is a world outside of our everyday chores and routines.  But of course even after a fabulous day of being chic and shopping till we dropped, there really is no place like home.

Kisses and Hugs Montreal, thanks for a great day out.  We’ll be seeing you again.

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