Building Rome in a Day

Building Rome in a Day

We love us some history around these here homeschooling parts and right now we’ve hit paydirt, Ancient Greece and Rome baby!  After many, many, many months on Ancient Egypt (which was great but went of forever) we’ve finally come to the bit I was super excited about.  Luckily Huwyl loves history too so I have someone to share my obsession enjoyment with.

Last week we began reading about gladiators and who doesn’t love that?   What 6 year old boy wouldn’t want to learn about semi naked and heavily armed chaps chasing each other around a dirt floor until one of them is killed?  That’s some good bloodthirsty action right there.  Yes there may be lives lost and some excessively oiled chests being aired but all in all it is good PG fun.   After reading all about it what could be more awesome educational that building your own arena?


A dinner plate covered in sand, some wooden blocks and our (extensive) selection of playmobil were the perfect props for Huwyl to create his very own gladiator ring.  It might not have been a perfect recreation of the battle of Carthage but it was a happy hour in which quiet fell upon the house and gladiators fought to the death.

That’s how it is done Russell Crowe.  That is how it is done.  

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