Good Things

Good Things

It can be easy to forget, in the midst of exhaustion and struggling with health and work and…well, you know how that tune goes; but this week seems to have been about reminding me how many good things I’m surrounded by,

Simple, quiet moments with the boys enjoying a gentle game; nourishing food that is easy to prepare and eat; new additions to our farm (floofy pics coming soon!); beautiful spring flowers delivered by our neighbour.  And on top of that friends who share their time and thoughts with me, friends who listen; family who help out, talk, and laugh with me; plans for fun times just around the corner

I’ve been wrestling with some things, health stuff, energy stuff…It’s felt uncomfortable and made me scratchy.  I’m twisting this way and that but new beginnings are coming, a new approach to certain aspects of my life.  I don’t like feeling I have no choice, even if it is my own body doing the talking, I know I’m daft like that.  So I’ve been feeling the gloom, under a cloud as it were.

This week has been a little message I think.  A message that says Look, look at what you have.

Looks good.

6 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. I’m sure if nothing else, those daffodils will lift your spirits! You’re boys always look so sweet when they are concentrating. I’m sure the trucks were very helpful too! So excited with the thought of more cute farm animal pics to come. Jacinta

    1. Oh yes I love daffodils, one of my all time favourites! I agree with you about the boys too, I adore taking pics of them when they are focused, their intensity is amazing and lovely to watch.

      I promise many cute pictures will be coming up!

  2. Beautiful. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but my body has made some major decisions for me in the food I can eat. It’s frustrating but do-able. The best part is when you live in harmony with what your body desires, you body repays you by singing and glowing and feeling amazing! Blessings to you and good on ya for seeing the beauty even though things are hard at the moment.

    1. You are so right, fighting it is fruitless (although tempting!), even after just a couple of days of eating ‘clean’ (gluten free) I’m feeling better and more comfortable. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement : )

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