Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful but the main attraction for the boys wasn’t the weather…

A cadbury’s cream egg for breakfast is  tough to beat  and highly traditional in our British household!  The boys enjoyed a good dollop of choccy in the morning and then we spent the majority of the day outside.  And what a beautiful day it was.

We couldn’t have ordered nicer weather, it was fresh and spring like, perfect for our snow exhausted souls.  The sun shone, the grass greened and the children frolicked.  Stephen and I worked on the farm all day, he worked on animal enclosures and landscaping, I chopped up trees and made a start on clearing our fence line.  I was amazed at how well the boys played as we worked, in fact Huwyl was a massive help, hauling out logs and old trees bigger than himself.

Needless to say after a day in the sun and fresh air both boys were spark out at bedtime and slept deeply for 12 hours.  As Stephen and I enjoyed the sunset outside while we put the animals to bed, a flock of Canada geese flew overhead.  They were so low I felt I could reach my hand up and brush them with my fingers.  The sounds of their wings beating were loud in the air around us as we gazed up at them, spellbound.  The sound was the same as brushing your finger along a feather, that soft crisp noise resounded as they swept gracefully by.

All I could think to say was “Well I’ve never seen that before.”  So many first already experienced here and so many more to come.  So much to look forward to.  So much to celebrate.

4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. If you listen as they fly over sometimes you can hear the sound of their wings moving, almost a click/rub sound. At least , that is what I attribute it to. Magical. Glad your Easter was a Springy one, sometimes they are not.

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