Good Neighbours

Good Neighbours

Since we bought this land we’ve often commented on how lucky we are to have such nice neighbours.  Perhaps it is because we live in the country now, perhaps it is because they were all really pleased to see us clearing up this long neglected place, or perhaps (as my Dad asserts) we are just really lucky.  I actually think it is the latter.

On Saturday we had the chance to meet our down-the-road-a-bit neighbours who have farmed there for over 30 years.  They showed us around their lovely place and let us all meet their guard llama and their beautiful flock of sheep, including all of the new lambs who met us warily and were guarded over by protective mamas.

After admiring our neighbour’s farm we were invited in to warm up with hot drinks by the fire.  We chatted like old friends until it was time to drag ourselves away, our arms full of honey and eggs, kindly gifted by our new friends.   I was struck by the generosity we have encountered from all our neighbours, digging us out when our tractor was stuck, inviting us round for a fabulous home cooked meal, donating water before our well was on, offers of help haying, post hole digging…the list goes on.

I hope one day to be able to repay our little community for their kind welcome (something in a bbq I’m thinking might go down well) but in the mean time I bask in the feeling of belonging that increases with each passing week.

And for anyone who can’t quite get enough of the sheepy baa lamb love (let’s face it, that’s all of us),

One day we’ll have some of these little guys in our own fields,  but for now I’ll settle for visiting with friends.

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