Evening Walk

Evening Walk

The ‘summer’ weather we’ve been experiencing this week has been simply stunning.  The sunshine, the warmth, that uplifted feeling you get when the days seem to last forever and the possibilities are endless.  Last night Stephen came home early (6pm!) which meant time for a family dinner and an evening walk.  Despite the soggy ground (apparently it is actually still spring!) it was sheer bliss.

The sheer luxury of walking our own land, free as you like, will never wear off.  The beauty of the earth, even with soggy puddles and crazy mucky boys/dogs/chickens running around, lifts my spirit and gives me a feeling of life and of belonging.  As much as this place belongs to us, so we belong to it; the magic of that relationship will take many years to understand.

There is something else I never tire of,

That sky, all 95 acres of it.


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    1. Pants are something of an ‘off farm’ luxury as far as Neirin is concerned. I was actually quite impressed that he was even wearing a t-shirt!

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