We have an officially poorly boy in the house, Huwyl has gone down with a fever and is currently curled up on the sofa watching Dennis the Menace with his brother.  We’ll be dosing up on Vitamin D, probiotics, echinacea and any green goodness I can hide in a smoothie.  I’ve noticed Huwyl has been a bit fraught this week, lots of emotional outbursts and now I can see why.  So for the next couple of days we are snuggling, drinking, eating and being peaceful as much as possible.  I’ll be back next week with updates on more of our adventures.

Stay well.

One thought on “Sickly

  1. I don’t worry too much about the poorly boy’s comfort…sure he’ll be spoiled as he deserves to be 😉
    Get well soon Huwyl, and have a great snuggling week end with your bro and mom and dad! 🙂

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