Work Ethic

Work Ethic

Who says kids these days don’t work hard?

As the snow came down my intrepid boys headed out to the green garage to collect wood.  It was a surprise for their Mummy, of course a surprise is more fun if you are watching the whole time!  They loaded the sled together then Huwyl pulled it to the house, it probably weighed about as much as he did.  Then they loaded it all into the wood box, their faces so proud of their achievement.

Around here collecting sleds of wood counts for physical education, with the added benefit of keeping the house warm on a cold snowy day.  Now that’s what I call life skills!

4 thoughts on “Work Ethic

    1. I highly recommend child enslavement! Of course there is the issue of Mummy enslavement that I’m less keen on…

  1. In these days of health and safety did you consider a risk assessment for the job and the completion of a “journey out” assessment. It would read as follows:

    1. Was the driver of the sled fully qualified to drive under these excessive loads and was the sled fully serviced and properly maintained? If not, the sled must not be used again for this purpose and fully checked out with an adult on a proper sled run.
    2. Was the drivers assistant wearing the correct diaper for the job thereby reducing the risk of extra ice on the road due to a leak?
    3. Was the driver in posession of an assessment of the road conditions by the lead adult on the job(I.e. mum) if not, a penalty of two snow balls in the mush is required.
    4. Were the team briefed on the proper union pay rate for the job and the possibility of extra biscuits for completion before tea time?

    More assessment is available if required.

    1. You’ll have to come over and do a full health and safety assessment in the workplace to inform the boys of their rights to not do anything risky/fun/exciting as per the regulations!

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