Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I can always tell when the temperature is below -20C; the air freezes around my nose as I breathe in.  Today is sunny and clear so I should have realised that it would be a tad parky, but it wasn’t until I was outside checking on the chickens that I realised how much the temperature had plunged overnight.  But once we were all suited and booted and outside on this glorious sunny day we couldn’t help but head off on an adventure!

Huwyl and Neirin kicked things off with a good old ‘stab the big pile of snow/ice’ game, the ice was suitably subdued and the conquerers insisted on a few momento shots.

That triumph suitably documented we headed off to check on the freezing status of the pond and a general scout for vagabond action.  You always have to be on the alert don’t you know.

Huwyl and I stopped for a brief sword fight by the pond (which I have to admit was wicked fun, who needs tea parties when you can have sword fights!) but Huwyl called a halt and made peace, deciding that we were really friends we’d just forgotten.  That boy of mine really can’t bear to be at odds with loved ones.

Speaking of love this boy is in love with the Daddy made sword he’s holding.  Complete with shiny handle and esoteric script it hasn’t left his side since Daddy made it for him a couple of days ago.  I would say he loves this as much as anything we bought him for christmas, his Daddy is a clever chap.

But the real star today was nature, she outshone us all with her glorious blue sky, sunshine and shining earth.  As we adventured through our fields even the biting cold -30 wind couldn’t stop me from revelling in the beauty surrounding us.

The best bit, for me at least, was the feeling of freedom I had.  I could run around outside with my crazy boys, sharing their adventures and imaginings, knowing that home was just a few minutes away.  Once our faces had been pinched red by the wind and our toes frozen by the snow, we just had to walk back up the hill and back to our cosy house.  The sunshine beaming through the windows had warmed the house to 25C without any other heating source; we ate lunch at the counter with the sun warming our backs.  I might eventually warm up and feel brave enough to head out again this afternoon!

2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Where you live is absolutely breathtaking. I could not do the weather though. I’m originally from California and am now living in southern Virginia. It’s 23F here and I’m freezing.

    1. Lol! Yes it gets a bit fresh up north! I’m sort of used to it from living in Germany as a youngster and anything is better than British rain!

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