Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts

I knew this holiday would be lovely, but there have been many moments of simple and unexpected happiness that have felt as good as a wrapped present under the tree.

After a month of mud the ground froze and we’ve had many days of snow, allowing for many days of snow play, snow bears, snow fights and…well…snow.   The chance to sit quietly and listen to the boys laughing as they play outside with their Daddy, to watch them in their moments of harmony, sharing simple experiences like decapitating snow bear and beating him with Ninja sticks.  Just as they did in days of old. Visits from friends, the joy of sharing our home with them.  And today we had actual gifts from Aunty Rose across the water in Scotland (thank you Aunty Rose!), gorgeous hand knits with the cutest little snowmen on them.  Those are going to get plenty of wear this winter, plus they double up as Ninja Warrior Scarves, which is handy.

The greatest gift, of course, has been time.  Time to sit together and read a story by the fire, time to snuggle under a blanket, even time for Mummy to read her book by the fire while the boys have quiet time upstairs (“Muuuuuuuum, is quiet time over yeeeeeet?”).  Time to talk endlessly about plans for chickens, the problems of keeping water unfrozen in the chicken house and whether we should buy more (wait for it) chickens.  Each day we’ve spent together, whether outside in the snow or warm by the fire has seen me grow a little more into my home, my toes spreading out like roots.

Soon this dream will be over, we’ll be returning to the days of Stephen back to work (boo) and the running of things will once more be a solo gig for most of the day.  But I feel that we’ll be heading into the new year a little more refreshed, secure and with a sense of optimism about the coming year.  Before then, though, we have a few more days of sharing bliss, of snuggled stories, christmas movies and much, much too much chocolate.

I’m going to make the most of it!  Wishing all a Happy New Year celebration this weekend and a peaceful entry into 2012.  Bright blessings from our family to yours.

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