Schoolhouse Tunic Mark 2

Schoolhouse Tunic Mark 2

It would seem that I’ve finally got my sewing mojo back, phew, that was a worry!  My beautiful machine was waiting oh so very patiently for me, she never criticised or even complained but I knew she was there, waiting.  On Saturday afternoon, a beautiful sunny day with sunlight literally streaming into the house, I thought I’d make a start organising my sewing stuff.  I’ve appointed myself a ‘studio’ (aka the spare bedroom) and am using my Dad’s desk as my sewing table, it works like a charm.  Plus having a bed to lay things out on works really well.   But the best thing about it all (apart from the light, the light!) is the door.  I can close it and know that little fingers are less likely to be moving, poking, disassembling or pricking themselves with pointy sharp things.

So what started as “I’ll just get my machine out, that’s all, no harm in that.”  Ended a few hours later with this to show for it:

Please ignore the strange woman modelling with her ‘cleaning day’ pigtails and general air of insanity, it’s the sewing we are focusing on here.   I made this tunic using a pattern bought from Meg at Sew Liberated.  It really is a brilliant pattern, challenging enough to be interesting but extremely clear with supportive instructions, if you go wrong it really isn’t the pattern.

The fabric I used is a vintage sheet my friend gave to me (yay for free fabric!) that I love.  I intended it to be a summer top and indeed it will be super for that purpose, but for now it is a great layer over a vest top and yoga jeans.   The final product is a teensy bit ‘blousey’ due to the slight stiffness of the fabric, the pattern suggests something with ‘a nice drape’ and I don’t think this is quite it.  I’d love to try it again with a knit fabric, something with a little more weight and movement and I will definitely be making a couple out of super light fabric for the summer.  The fit is so comfortable and I wore the tunic happily all day.

But the real bliss was not just in the product (which I am very pleased with!) but in the making, the sheer unadulterated joy in using my amazing new machine. I love my Emerald, she is utter bliss to sew on and I am already thinking of my next project.  Oh Christmas holiday, how I will sew during thee, as the old saying goes.

And for anyone not interested in tunic tops or sewing (weird) here is a little something extra from my photo shoot this morning,

That’s right friends, a classic Bunty Annual from 1983 courtesy of e-bay and my Dad.  If you were a girl in England in the 80’s (and let’s face it, who wasn’t?) you will be heading down a tunnel so filled with nostalgia you’ll have to take a back pack and a change of socks.  Huwyl is currently enjoying the Bunty experience and I will be doing a bit of e-bay cruising to add to my current obsession collection.   That’s if I can tear myself away from my sewing machine of course.   Hmmmm…Bunty might just have to wait.

12 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Tunic Mark 2

  1. Awesome photography and taking care of the kids, no problem, don’t mention it. I might have to buy Huwyl something from the back catalogue of “Commando” to balance up the girls-school-fest of Bunty though.

    1. I’m sorry to hear of your lack of Bunty, I suppose it balances out all of the sunshine and beaches you get instead!

  2. Seriously gorgeous Em. Dear God, I love the sunshine in your living room! Need to come and visit…Early January, I promise. Yes, the blouse is divine and so is the photography, to say the least of the model. LOVE it! You made me smile and I NEEDED that today!

    1. See this is why I miss you! Come over, we’ll hang out, there will be cake and I will hide the feathered ones. Sending smiles your way!

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