Mama in Training

Mama in Training

One thing that I miss about having a ‘proper’ job (apart from having a ‘proper’ lunch break and ‘proper’ sick days) is the opportunity to take training, to learn and develop in one’s field.  I’m a knowledge lover, I really can’t get enough of the stuff, and while I do a lot of reading and thinking on my own I miss the chance to learn from an expert, to really open myself up to new possibilities.

It was with this in mind (and honestly feeling a bit grumpy and uninspired) that I wandered over to Heather’s blog, Beauty that Moves.  I love her blog, it is a great mix of serenity, action and beauty, with some good solid info thrown in.  I’d been reading her series on holistic health and wishing that she did an e-course that wasn’t vegan when, tada!  She announced a new e-course learning about whole foods and nutrition, exactly what I’d been wishing for.

Since we moved and knowing what our goals are with the farm, I’ve realised that I would like to step things up to the next level when it comes to my family’s nutritional health.   I’m not sure what the ‘next level’ actually entails but I’m pretty sure there are beans there, and probably fermented beverages.  So, after talking with Stephen, I signed up for her lovely course and will be starting it in February.  That seems like the perfect time to be working on a project like this, lots of inside time during the very cold weather and a bit of inspiration when it is so desperately needed.  It will also give me some time to consider spring planting and seed ordering, perfect timing.

The second area in my life that needs a bit of attention is my wardrobe.  I did a big purge when we moved, anything that I didn’t wear or didn’t suit me anymore was gone.  I also packed away all my summer stuff, which left my side of the rail looking a little…pathetic.  The clothes I have are great, they look nice on and are good quality.  I’ve had some of my skirts for over a decade and hope they’ll last for another.  But with two boys, two dogs, several chickens and lots of cooking in my day, things rarely make it past one wear before they head for the wash basket.  I noticed that there are certain items, more easy to wear and practical, that I’d love more of but I’ve had them a while and they just don’t make ’em like that any more.

Enter Kathy and her Backwoods Mama Sew Camp.  I read Kathy’s blog and as well as loving her lively writing I love her style.  The patterns on her e-course look perfect for me, the kind of thing I could wear again and again.  Now I have a decent sewing machine I feel more confident about approaching patterns that use knits (it’s less fun when your machine eats them and/or tears holes where seams should go) but with the comfort of some support along the way.  Her course is a download so I am planning on getting it while Stephen is off over Christmas (it is a gift from my beloved, and I will gift him in return by disappearing upstairs for several hours while I make clothes for myself.  Win win.), that should give me time to indulge in some creative time and I’ll end up with some new and wearable clothes!

The thing I love about the patterns that Kathy has created is that she is:

a) a mama

b) has groovy style

c) is a farmer so surrounded by animals and mud.

So the patterns she has created are practical and have a busy mama’s life in mind, made for me I’d say!

At first I felt guilty about spending money from the family budget on things that are just for me, but then it occurred to me, this is my job!  And what do you do on a job when you want to move forward?  Training!  I realised how important it is for me to take on some new ideas and skills as we get ready to begin our adventure  into hobby farming this coming spring.  As we become more self sustaining in food I’d like to have better skills in preparing, storing and choosing what we should be eating.  The more I know, the more I’m empowered to make good, and hopefully tasty, choices on behalf of everyone in my family.  Recently I’ve become more and more the primary cook for us all but I feel stuck in a rut; I’ve been searching for something but didn’t have a clear idea of how to implement it.  I’m really hoping this course will change that.  And as for the sewing, who has time to shop?  Plus I find it extremely difficult/expensive to buy decent, well made clothing that fits and suits me.  Apparently shops really don’t care about mums in their late 30’s who have a round tummy and chickens to chase after.  Weird.

This coming year is going to be one of many new discoveries and challenges, but whatever comes up I’ll be well fed and super backwoods stylish.  Sounds like a pretty good start.

4 thoughts on “Mama in Training

  1. So many great plans, wise and useful too! Funny, I’m following the same path (I’ve just bought a sewing machine, and learnt the basics of knitting). I’ll be happy to read of your learnings and discoveries, as I’ll be on a parallel track 😉

    1. I hope you’ll be sharing your new projects, I’d love to see what you are up to! At the moment I have many grand plans but they only exist in my brain, I have to actually start doing something to make them real apparently!

  2. Oh man. You’re going to be too smart for me. I’m going to have to go back to school. Also, I love Kathy’s Haramake. Not to protect my kidneys, but to make my injured back feel all nice and warm. Brilliant! (If only I had any get-up-and-go to make one.)

    I’m very exciting about your edumication. And I can’t wait to read all about it on this here blog. I missed you when you were away. Please don’t leave me again.

    1. Oh my sweet and delicate poorly pal, never fear that I may abandon you. Your fragility is like a kitten, soft and floofy and oh so endearing, but with better bladder control. Hopefully. Don’t be intimidated by my vast intellect and ability to make irregularly shaped things out of fleece and old curtains, it is a gift I was born with and cannot be replicated. Like a lightening bolt, or drizzle.

      Sending warm hugs to you and your back, get well soon and remember that cake really is the cure for everything xxx

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