The Kitchen

The Kitchen

I know I have been remiss in my posting of house pictures, but a combination of no internet, terrible light over the last couple of weeks and busy days that mean things aren’t at their photoshoot best, means it has taken awhile.  But today we have the magical combination of sunshine, new crafts keeping the boys busy and a reasonable night of sleep leaving me somewhat motivated after lunch.  I was also super inspired by Jacinta’s pics of her beautiful new kitchen, it really looks stunning.

Ours is not quite finished, we haven’t had time to sort out the backsplash,  there is a little cladding on the island still to do and we need to finish the painting; other than that we are done!


So there you have it!  The cupboards are cherry wood, stained darker to get to that mid century modern colour.  The counter tops are made of concrete, one of our builders (Adrian the Reiki Master) made this for us and I love it.  He even managed to do me a sloped drainer to avoid that icky pooling of water, it’s fabulous.  I decided on a wall mounted oven for lots of reasons but basically because I’m lazy and don’t want to bend down all the time; the hob in an induction hob, it uses less energy and is safer given that the island is also our eating area.  It heats up instantly and has a cool digital slide control that makes me feel like Jean Luc Piquard, though I didn’t expect to I really love this hob.  The island is 8ft wide by 4 ft deep, the overhang is 2ft which is perfect for sitting at, just before we moved in I managed to find some great retro bar stools that are really padded and comfy, perfect for hanging out in the kitchen with a comfy bum!

As we’ve done throughout the house, in this room we’ve merged old and new.  The cabinets are new but they reference the mid century modern style that we love and inspired us when designing this house.  I chose light fittings that have a retro feel and there are bits and pieces such as my scales (made in Holland in 1964) and my retro feeling kitchen aid mixer and le creuset kettle that add to the vintage mood.  Though this is a modern house we wanted it to echo the styles of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that we so love.  Over time I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more details (pyrex is my friend) as well as a retro wallpaper splash back that will make this even more unique and personal.

As I imagined before we moved in, this is where I spend the majority of my time.  Being at the heart of the house makes it so easy to cook and socialise, sometimes hours go by and I realise I haven’t moved from this space!   It has plenty of room for prepping, cooking, eating and just plain sitting down with a cup of tea.  Bread rises in record time on that sunny counter; food goes from stove to plate with ease.  Even in the short time we’ve lived here, this kitchen has seen many happy times,  I’m looking forward to many, many more.

11 thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. I’m so happy that I can offer inspiration! I love what you have done. Looks like you have heaps of storage space too. I have to agree that having a kitchen at the heart of the home is simply the best. May your kitchen be the centre piece of good times and may many a delicious meal nourish you all in the years to come. Jacinta

    1. Yaaaaaaay! So glad you like, wish you were here for some cooking and chatting. Sending virtual ‘get well’ cups of tea and cookies. I’ll eat the cookies though, because I know that is what you would want.

  2. You might have taken the tea towel off the oven for the photo shoot missus….nevertheless, awesomely awesome shots babe. I’ll get round to that skirting on the island next week, promise 😉

    1. That’s rustic charm mate! Yes if you could get through your list of 48 million other jobs and get on that it would be great, you could give up sleeping right? Love you!

  3. A kitchen worthy of a masterchef contestant or would you rather enter Great British Bake Off? Either way you have the kitchen for it. Would love that amount of counter space to clutter up with junk! The Yellow kettle goes perfectly well, compliments the cupboards perfectly. Excellent choice. The lights looks cute too. I think wall mounted ovens are the only sensible choice. Just wish I had been more stern and done that in our kitchen too. Its really annoying when you doubt yourself and then only have yourself to blame!

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful! It’s so different than mine, but I love so many styles that I almost wish I had several houses so that I could do a different style in every one…and the money to maintain them;)

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