Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors

August has been quite the month.  We had what can only be termed as a scheduling ‘bottleneck’.  Several jobs that had to be done but were all interdependent and required some very fancy footwork to fit it all in.  We had to rough in the electrical, finish the rough plumbing, put down the heating pecs on the main floor, pressurise the heating system, pour and level a concrete floor (so that it is ready for polishing in September and allows enough time for the kitchen to go in so there was a two day window in which it could be done) and fit the windows.  All of this had to happen in the space of 1 week.  Fun.

In about two weeks the floor will be stained and sealed to finish it, providing us with a durable, beautiful and environmentally sound floor that will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It will also be a uniform colour that will link together the whole downstairs space, we didn’t want lots of different flooring types breaking up the line of the open plan rooms.  We hope that this way it will feel more like one, fluid space rather than divided up rooms.

And while all of that has been going on inside, the siding has started outside.  This is the first of three finishes that will be used outside.  It is grey steel siding which will last for 100 bajillion years and matches the steel roof.  On the top half of the house we are going for white stucco and the front will have no steel but a mix of stucco and cedar.

Without anything to break it up the siding is pretty dominating right now.  Stephen would probably use words like modern, purist, industrial.  I use words like aircraft hanger.  But part of the design aesthetic  of the house is to give it an agricultural and quite unassuming look from this approach, though it will be softened once the stucco goes on and we put in some planting.  Stephen loves it, I can’t quite get the sound of a Vulcan bomber revving out of my mind whenever I look at the garage.

Time will tell.

I worry about these things, but then I wander onto the ground floor and watch the sun dip over the horizon.  Earlier and earlier the evening cools and the shadows grow longer across the so green grass.  And at the moment I know that the colour of the siding is not the most important thing about this house.

This is.

12 thoughts on “Concrete Floors

  1. The siding is an uncompromising architectural statement that symbolizes one half of the duality of our shared vision for the life we’re building here. It’s hardness parallels the nature of life in the frozen north and indeed, the realities of a life with one foot in the world of modern agriculture. When paired with the softer, feminine stucco that wraps like a warm embrace around the top of the house, the steel and concrete echo the bedrock of our relationship. It’s art and integral to the groundbreaking character of the building.

    There are, and this is rather important, no Vulcan bombers in that vision. Now please, repeat after me….architecturally uncompromising….integral….stephen is a genius….

    1. Of course you are right my love, how could I have disagreed. Now what was that mantra? Stephen…is…uncompromising….

      That sort of thing? : )

  2. Looks wonderful. You’ve gotten quite a lot done since I visited last. Love the corrugated steel siding, and the concrete floor will be so nice. Can’t wait to see when you fill the house with home touches.

    1. That’s what I’m currently dreaming about Ellen! Once the drywall goes on it’s all going to be paint colours and cushion fabrics!

    1. Thanks for your well wishes Jacinta, the next month will see some big changes and I promise to keep updating. Honestly I can’t think about much else anyway!

  3. Oh, I love it! I love the contrast of the modern elements with all that is natural. I’m imagining that once you enter the house it will be warm and inviting, which is just another contrast for the steel. Love, love, love it.

    Also, I’m thinking Stephen could sell anything to anyone. The man just might be a genius…

    1. I really hope that it will be lovely and cosy, having the concrete warmed by the radiant will make it tactile I think. I really am looking forward to this being our home. Weirdly (or maybe not) the modernism of the house fits well with the landscape, I think it will settle in really well.

      Please don’t use the G word around Stephen, it really isn’t good for him!

  4. (Also, who’s to say you won’t need a couple of Vulcan bombers in the future? I envision a time where over-empowered, disenfranchised teenagers have taken over the planet, forcing us to wear baggy pants and do battle in the streets. I, for one, hope I’ve got some back up.)

    1. I too am planning my Sarah Conner moves (though I’ve never managed to do pull ups on a bed frame I do have several pairs of baggy pants and some sturdy boots) for when sulky teens rule the world.

      That said, they’ll probably be all so busy checking their phones that they will be unable to mount a fully co-ordinated strike and we will revolt, leading the vanguard and retaking Canada. Then we’ll bake up some cupcakes for the troops and head back to the farm for home made jam and a jolly good knees up. We’ll get Arnie to wash up.

  5. Wow look at that land, that sunset! I also love the modern elements with the natural. It has a cleaner, more useful feel to it. I am so excited for you.

    Peace, Nicole

    1. I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed that the floor will be practical and easy to clean. With our two boys, cat, dog and the farm I think I’ll be mopping pretty frequently!

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