6 Years Boy

6 Years Boy

This week we celebrated our big boy’s 6th birthday.  The day itself hit a temperature high of 47C (about 120F) so we escaped with friends to an air conditioned bowling alley during the day.  During the evening we consoled ourselves with movies and ice lollies, all appropriate for a birthday.

But The Big Day was really Saturday, the day of Huwyl’s party.  For a simple affair it seemed to take an enormous amount of work!  Stephen managed to build a new playhouse for the kids to paint and had mowed nature trails in the lower field the weekend before; it has to be said he was the hero of the day.   All of my fretting and preparing and baking was all worth it, but all also a little unnecessary, as I witnessed the easy joy of the fabulous group of friends who joined us on a very, very hot afternoon.

The kids took to the painting with enormous glee and would have required nothing more to keep them happy.  But after a break for lollies, ice cream, fruit and juice we decided to take them on the nature trail hunt.  They were searching for their Nature Explorers Kit (more on this later in the week) which was their take away gift.  Parents and children alike braved the absolutely massive trail that Stephen had cut and we (just about) managed not to lose anyone.  Well not permanently anyway.

What really made the day special was the kids themselves, their happiness and enthusiasm reigned supreme.  They embraced the day with an excitement that was infectious and it reminded me of how lucky I am to share my life with such amazing friends, big and small.

We sent them all home covered in paint, water (from the water balloons), sticky, chocolatey, dirty of foot and smiley of face.  All in all the perfect outcome.

Let us not forget, though, the reason for all the celebrating.  My 6 years boy, my very own lightening strike.  6 years ago he turned us upside down as he arrived 3 months early amid fearful ambulance rides and police escorts, months of hospital living and agonised adoration.  Every day since he has challenged us, surprised us and loved us with the passion he gives to all things in his life.

A chap worth celebrating I would say.  Happy Birthday my lovely boy.

Thanks for coming to our party lovely friends!

4 thoughts on “6 Years Boy

  1. How fun! But 120F?? Are you kidding me?? (yes, I live under a rock and had heard of the heat waves, but had no idea how bad they were). He’s a gem, that boy. 🙂

  2. Those photos are smashing. You’ve really captured the day – I can almost feel the heat and smell the grass…

    Stay cool, my friend!

  3. Thank you lovely peeps. Despite the surface of the sun temps we all managed to have a blast and survive! Ice cream is healthy after all : )

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