Sharing Beauty

Sharing Beauty

Although this is something that happens frequently, I am still surprised by the way that life will organise itself to fully celebrate the sabbaths.  This weekend the brilliant weather led us to glory in the rise of the sun king, Bel shone down on us and we turned our faces to him in gratitude for the Earth’s abundance.  Today we shared our land with lovely friends, walking the trail that Stephen had mowed and enjoying the freedom our children had to run and share their joy with one another.

I think it is the secret fear of many of us that our children will never be loved by others as much as they deserve, as much as we love them.  So to see my children being held in high regard by others, adults and children, warms my heart.  To meet another child who embraces life with the same gusto, passion, openness of heart and spirit is uplifting to me.  To listen to them planning their future, the horses, the dogs, the children helps me to know that there are others now and will be in the future, who love my boys.  Who can see the light that shines in them as I do.

So if there is a wish that sings eternally in my heart, both on the solstice and for always, it is that they will be truly loved throughout their lives.  As I love them.

5 thoughts on “Sharing Beauty

  1. Such gorgeous photos! What a special day. My 4 1/2 year old has spent the last 4 months planning is marriage to a young lass who is as smitten with him as he is with her. While there’s a part of me that thinks it’s silly, there’s another part of me that leaps with joy. My son was never adored as an infant/toddler by others…no “oh, what a sweet baby” or “isn’t he cute” or any of that…it’s been very hard on me…even still to think of how little love he received from the outside the world during his early years. But now…he’s the love of so many, many hearts (not just his sweetie) and I share in your Solstice wish – for my son and yours.

  2. I join in your wish and Rain’s wish (above): may our children be loved by others in the future as they are by us now! May they all receive huge amounts of this unconditional, burning and devoted love!

  3. Beautiful Emma! What I find so stunning is how our children are able to wear their emotions on their sleeves. How they can hold hands and say “I love you” and mean it in the purest form. There is so much to learn from these beautiful pure little people. May they continue to love and care for others as they do now.

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