Laying Foundations

Laying Foundations

What is the foundation of your life?  I think about things like that when I’m hoovering or matching socks.  I mean, what’s it all about really when you get right down to it?

Well for us right now our foundation is this,

Wood, concrete and metal pins.  The foundations of our house have begun.  This week the wet tile and basement walls will go in, by next week the framing of the house will start.  Every time I visit this place it feels stranger and stranger to leave,  this feels so much like home now.  Every weekend we are up at the land, finding a reason to stay, a job to do, something to ‘check on’.  The honest truth is that all we want is to be there, the listen to the grass hiss in the breeze, to feel the sun fall on our faces and bask in the bird song.

While we are laying the foundation of our house this week, the foundation of our life is the earth it is built on.  The soil that will allow us to grow food, the pastures that will sustain animals who will in turn sustain us.  The sunshine that will give us all life and will generate electricity through solar panels.  While this house is so very, very important to us and so personal, it is the life we will live outside, on the land that is our real future.

4 thoughts on “Laying Foundations

  1. Beautiful view. As we approach our first year in our new home – my foundation is where I planted my roots – right here under this home – where I plan to live out my life. I feel blessed to feel firmly standing on ground – my ground.

    I look forward to seeing more of where you will plant your roots. Blessings to you and the earth you will root.

    Namaste, Nicole

    1. Thanks Nicole! I do feel really blessed by the abundance of this place, I feel as though this is the place we were ‘called’ to and that our role as custodians will be a key focus for a long time to come. It’s been a long time since I felt myself rooted to a place, I can’t wait to see what the future will bring!

  2. How far away from your new home is your old? Could you camp there some this summer? I am so excited for you and this journey that I am somewhat vicariously living alongside you (if you don’t mind too much ;-).

    1. We are about 30 minutes from our rental house to our land so a little bit of a commute but doable. We have talked about camping, I am so tempted to put a trailer on the land and just stay put! If we hadn’t have been in a rental house I would have seriously given it a go, madness perhaps but I just love being there. But we are planning to do some camping over later in the season when the mosquito hoards have settled down a bit and we can sit around a campfire without worrying one of the children will be carried away by an eagle sized mosquito to live in the land of the Stinging Ones.

      You are welcome to live as vicariously as you like! I really want to share our journey and experiences, I’ll feel very glad if you enjoy some of it with us : )

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