Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

So how are you doing?  Good weekend?  Busy?  Good weather?  What’s that?  Do I have any ridiculously cute pictures of chicks?

Why, funny you should ask…

And because everyone looks good in black and white…

These photos aren’t wonderful as I didn’t want to freak out the little fluffs with a flash and it is over cast today so a bit dark for inside pics.  But how good does a picture need to be in order to convey the fabulous fluffiness that is our little chicks?  I have to restrict my visits to their room because the next thing I know I’m engrossed in ‘Chick TV’ and 20 minutes has gone by without me realising!

So behold the cutest, fluffiest and most entertaining chicks in the world.  And if they don’t cheer up your Monday, I really don’t know what will.

7 thoughts on “Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

    1. If you get the chance I would recommend chicks as a great source of joy and entertainment, they really are super cool!

  1. Congratulations! They are truly adorable in every way…how do you keep your hands off them? I’d be snuggling them constantly 🙂

    1. Thanks Rain, it is tough to keep away, they are so fascinating and sooooo cute. I kind of want to take them to bed for me, except for the pooping which would be not so nice ; )

    1. That floof is utterly yummy, but if you are putting your nose anywhere I’d stay head end. If you know what I’m sayin’.

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