Ginger Cookies

Ginger Cookies

I’ve been a bit obsessed this last week with the site Cookus Interuptus.  It is a whole food cooking site but also more than that, there is a ‘cooking show’ element to it that I love and find hilarious as well as informative (it’s intentionally hilarious rather than terrible hilarious) and there are quite a few recipes and ideas I look forward to trying.

I’ve already made their Grass Fed Beef Chilli which was delicious.  I replaced the whole chilli with some chilli flakes I had on hand and added my Dad’s secret super ingredient for chilli:  A tablespoon of cocoa powder.  I have to admit it did add an extra element of yumminess and I think when my cocoa runs out I am going to get raw cacao powder for that added super food boost.

This weekend I had on my list the Ginger Molasses Cookies and unusually I actually managed to make the very thing I had planned.  Who’d have thunk it?  I was a little unsure about this recipe having not used molasses before and I actually left out the spicing to no ill effect (I’m sure it’s lovely but I wanted to give a ‘basic’ recipe a try before adding the fancy stuff).

I’m really glad that the recipes have helpful (and entertaining) videos, I found Cynthia’s tips really useful and there is something comforting about watching someone before trying something new.  I even followed her suggestion of adding a little white chocolate drop to the top of each and it does add a little spot of sweetness that is most enjoyable.

Stephen is a big fan of the ginger biscuit but I was a little unsure about what he’d make of this healthy version.  As well as using whole wheat flour, whole cane sugar and molasses (which contains a goodly amount of iron) this recipe uses real ginger as opposed to powdered.  To my mind that makes this cookie the nutritional equivalent to a large bowl of spinach, so I wondered if they would have that giveaway health food taste.  On the contrary; the result is, I have to say, delicious.  The cookies, which I baked for exactly 10 mins, are exceptionally moist and satisfying.  They have a ginger zing with a hint of lemon that warms the tongue and tummy.  If you are looking for a moist, cakey and above all guilt free cookie, then look no further.

Happy eating lovely friends.

2 thoughts on “Ginger Cookies

  1. What? Molasses rocks! It has a goodly amount of iron and calcium (at least the blackstrap kind). My daughter eats it on her oatmeal.
    The cookies look yum – going to check out the recipe.

    1. I’m a total convert, even used it in my bread baking! The flavour is quite complex which I really enjoy. It isn’t a real thing in the uk, does that mean I am converting to North American ways? Well the ones that taste good anyway!

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