Sunny Kitchen

Sunny Kitchen

It is amazing to me how a simple task like baking can bring me a few moments of serenity in an otherwise busy and bustling day.

Flour and butter, eggs and cream.  The weighing, the mixing, the rolling out.  A pastry case turned into quiche, scones rising in the oven and eaten still warm.  Sunshine in the kitchen, warming as it touches.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Kitchen

  1. Emma, this brings a little poetry to the day, doesn’t it? I am moved by, and I find serenity in, the same things: simple daily activities that appeal to the senses and quieten the mind. I also liked your former post on motherhood (although I didn’t react to it for lack of time): becoming a mum has also changed me, or rather, I think it has revealed things that were deep inside me. One of them being able to love so much, sooo beyond my own self, and with such devotion!

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