For My Seester

For My Seester

Who loves vintage pyrex?  Come on, you know you do.  The beautiful colours, the fabulous patterns, the opaque milky goodness and knowing it is environmentally friendly to boot.  Well my sister and I share something of a pyrex fetish obsession interest so when I was out on a bit of a flea market mission yesterday (that was where I took the picture of the fabulous green and orange barstools, oh yes they will be mine) I took some piccies of the pyrexy goodness to be found there.

And because I’m nice I thought I’d share them.  But mainly this is a pyrex lovin’ shout out to my most favourtest seester in all the world.

Some of these shots are not great, the light was rubbish and I was trying to stop Huwyl from breaking anything/being adopted/stealing shiny jewellery/breaking anything.  Also if you notice a predominance of aqua that is because it is the best colour in the world.  If you don’t believe me ask my sister.  Though for the non aqua lovers (dark and corrupt souls that they are) never fear, we love us some orange too.

There were many more lovely things I didn’t get to take pics of on account of the ‘Huwyl Factor’ as it could be known.    But hopefully this is a little taster of how much yumminess there was.  And yes I do deserve a medal for not buying it all, thanks for mentioning it.

Sorry to anyone who is bored by many, many pictures of pyrex but I think the title of this post was clear.

This one was for you tiny bean.  

6 thoughts on “For My Seester

  1. I’m on the next flight. Too…much…loveliness.

    I would be bankrupt if I lived there. I would have to sell the cats…currently on ebay!

    The world is a better place with pyrex and all things Aqua. Thank you for the lovely post…PYREX ROCKS!!!

  2. You are very welcome. It was sheer torture having to walk around looking at pyrex, sigh, the things I do for my family. They should have masterchef where they have to use only pyrex, now THAT is a show.

    1. You may join our club of pyrex worship. I’m thinking t-shirts, I’m thinking an AGM and I’m thinking LOTS of pyrex. Go pyrex club!

  3. You are all mad. There is a reason this is all in the flea market and I don’t think we have anymore space in the cupboards for more pyrex, even if it is aquamarine. Although orange does kind of rock…

    1. Kill the blasphemer! There is always space for pyrex my love, we just have to lose some of the deadwood like the fridge or pyrex haters who are gripped by vintage hating madness.

      So you like the orange eh? That’s where it begins…soon you will join our ranks, oh yes you will. Mwhahahahahahaha (ad infinitum)

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