Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

I don’t know what kind of Tuesday it is where you are, but in the hearts and minds of all true blue Brits this is a special day.  Shrove Tuesday.  Also known as Pancake Day.  Traditionally this is the day when families use up their eggs, milk and flour in preparation for the fasting of Lent.  But as we are big fat heathens we just opt for the pancake part and leave the rest to those more virtuous.

I am not one to pass up an excuse to eat pancakes for tea forgo important cultural traditions,  a big batch of pancake batter has been made and is chilling in the fridge awaiting the pancake frenzy of tea time.  As we live in Canada we are legally obliged to provide maple syrup with all pancake dishes (you don’t want to mess with Canadians on this, their calm exterior is but a diaphanous veil covering a savage interior when it comes to the golden liquid) but I am slowly converting my children to the delights of the only acceptable topping on a pancake, lemon and sugar.

In order to fully test the batter it was necessary for me to make a teeny little sample just to check all was working well.  Thin, soft on the inside and crisp along the edges, the sweetness of sugar and the tang of lemon merging perfectly to make a delicious syrup that perfectly compliments the pancake itself.  Sigh.  Pure tea time bliss.

Happy pancake eating one and all!

P.S.  Anyone using the word crepe will be dealt with extremely firmly.  In this corner of a foreign field that is forever England, this is a pancake.

13 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday

  1. I am with you on Lent. In our traditions, today is Fasnacht Day, for much the same reasons. Hubby and I are both from PA and have fond memories of this. I really need to make them… next year….

    1. That’s the great thing about traditions isn’t it, they come around each year so if you miss it once you can get it next time. Very comforting : )

  2. “But as we are big fat heathens we just opt for the pancake part and leave the rest to those more virtuous.”

    I love that! (:

    I made waffles in my new waffle maker thingy. I successfully used every egg in the house – and was still four short!

    1. My beloved just bought a waffle maker but I haven’t had a try yet. It’ll be great for when we have our own chickens and lots and lots of spare eggs!

  3. Perfection! I also love lemon & sugar – maybe it’s my Scottish ancestry. Happy Pancake – not crepe – Day to you too. Love Katie x

  4. Perfect teatime bliss indeed! I hope I’ll be forgiven if in my own little rebellious and slightly barbarian corner of a foreign field that is France we call it crepe! 😉

  5. And in this here corner of French kingdom, we ban the word pancakes in favour of the scrumptious, beautiful, thought-provoking, sophisticated word “Crêpe”. Long live the Crêpe!

  6. I’m glad you understand the rules governing syrup in Canada. You’ll do fine here.
    And I’d like to add that is THAT is what you call a pancake – I’m coming over!

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