Rhythm of the Home

Rhythm of the Home

The new spring edition of Rhythm of the Home goes live today and I have an article included on the subject of herbal health remedies.  I wrote an article for last years edition but didn’t quite manage to do anything for the subsequent ones so I’m excited to be included in this one!  It is a great resource full of beautiful writing, photographs and ideas for families.  If you haven’t checked it out yet it is well worth it and not just so you can read my bit!

Make a cup of tea, find a quiet corner and treat yourself to a good peruse.


6 thoughts on “Rhythm of the Home

  1. I just popped over after reading your lovely article at ROTH. I hope I won’t need those herbal remedies anytime soon, but if I do, I’m going to try them. I always prefer herbal remedies over synthetic drugs.

  2. I loved your rhythm of the home article… good reminders… I agree with it all. I practice many of these ideas & will try the others… I must say with our last cold I think cleaning with lavender oil really helped stop those germs. Thanks!

  3. I am so excited to have read your article. Our 1 year old daughter, Eva, has had a cold for a week now. We went out & got the essential oils that you recommended for the cold & flu oils. Well all but one. The Ravensale (sp?) was hard to find but tomorrow I’m going down to Seattle & will pick some up at Dandelion Botanicals. Tonight I put the oil drops in a bathroom sink with hot water & spent some time in there with Eva. It was enjoyable, thanks for that tip. Question: Can I use this oil blend in a cool mist humidifier in her room? We just went out & got a humidifier today & I have yet to use it. Will the oils make the humidifier permanently fragrant or will we be able to change out the smell or go back to unscented in the future? Thanks for your contribution! We look forward to trying the other remedies later on down the road.

    1. Hi Charissa, thanks for your kind comments I’m glad you are finding the article helpful : ) I would be careful using oils in a humidifier especially menthols as they can be too harsh for a little bean’s lungs when they are dissipated in the air. I think I would just use the humidifier and then put a drop or two of oil on the pillow near where your little girl sleeps or tuck a tissue with some oil on nearby. I’ve even popped a drop at the back of the neck on my son’s pj’s so he can smell it but can’t accidentally rub it in his eyes. To our adult noses this seems ineffective but I’ve seen great results with little people as they are so receptive and their systems so delicate.

      Ravensara is a bit tricky to get hold of but I really like it for cold blends as it works like eucalyptus but I find it is less harsh on the lungs and so a nice change. With congestion I’m also a big believer in the benefits of hydration and fresh air. Make sure she is nursing or drinking, avoid dairy (it thickens mucus) except for breastmilk which is fine and very beneficial. Lots of water, a cool house and lots of walks bundled up well will really help clear her airways. Also a bit of elevation at night is useful. I always achieved this by having my boys sleeping with me and tucking my arm under their head to help them breathe. It’s simple but it works, plus they need to comfort of a parent when they are sick : ) You could also try the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla as it is great for congestion, I always use 30ch two or three pills a few times a day. Handily this also helps teething which is often the cause of colds at this age.

      I hope this helps and that your little girl is feeling much better soon : )

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