Listening to the world

Listening to the world

Yesterday, in the midst of a very (very) long stream of consciousness talk on the subject of towels Huwyl told me “Then I lay down in the sunshine and I closed my eyes and I just listened to to world!”  This had me dragging my attention away from online research on windows and looking into a glowing face filled with happy.  The sunshine outside had warmed our deck up enough to justify a good block of outside play and the boys had been happily entertaining themselves for a good 10 minutes.

I smiled at him and asked “What did the world sound like?”   Huwyl had a quick answer “Well, it sounded great!  Like all the different sounds of home.”  I gave him a happy hug, his words had brought a sparkle to my heart as I marvel at his capacity to see the world in such a beautiful way.  But then he wanted me to come out with him and listen to the world too.  I was reluctant to tear myself away from the work I was doing and said “I’ve actually listened to the world before”.

“Yes, but I think that was a long time ago wasn’t it?”  I couldn’t argue with that and knew that there was a wisdom in the moment that I should listen too.  So I ventured outside to witness his listening spot, he lay down showing me his technique, describing in his own words what sounded very much to me like the process of meditation.

About 5 seconds later he popped up again saying “Did you see how peaceful I was?”  I laughed at his exuberance and took some moments to bask in the frosted sunshine, the cool air reminding me of the ice, albeit melting, still holding on.  I listened to the boys as they played their games and listened to what the world had to tell them.  For a few moments I let  go of the worries and problems that are inherent in a house build and the day to day business of life.  I stood in the soothing chill breeze with sun warming everything around me, the sky blue and full above me.  I breathed and felt peaceful and I listened to the world.

It told me this “Spring is coming.”

Wishing everyone some peaceful moments today and every day.

11 thoughts on “Listening to the world

  1. What a cute, cute boy this is! And a wise one too! Listening to the world is actually a good start for meditation, and a nice way of enjoying the world, for what it is, for the beauty it holds and for the moment that’s to be grasped and savoured! 🙂

  2. How simply magical!

    There are some nights when I sit and listen to Benjamin ‘talking himself to sleep’ over the baby monitor (yes, he’s six and we still use one). He’s actually telling stories about his day to his lovies.

    I love to hear his ideas and thoughts and although it isn’t the same as listening to the world, it sort of is…b/c I’m listening to him (my world) organize what he’s seen and smelled and heard throughout the day–in his own words. 🙂

  3. Perhaps this process would have been helpful when I awoke at 4 am this morning. Wide awake. Brain processing to-do lists and other bits and bobs. Next time, I’ll take a blanket to the deck and listen to the world. I bet it works!

    1. If that ever happens again please feel free to drive for 15 hours to my house to cook something delicious. I guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby the next night : )

  4. Wow – this is a beautiful post. Your son is brilliant and in touch with his spiritual world for sure. I am happy he gave you that moment to listen to the message that you probably needed to hear all week, because I sure did.

    Love & light, NIocle

    1. Thanks Nicole. It was definitely a message I needed to hear, I am convinced he is a conduit at times of such wisdom. Of course at other times I am convinced that he is trying to drive me to madness! It is moments like these that make our homeschooling journey feel magical.

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