Canadian Sunday

Canadian Sunday

After some record low temperatures and a general feeling of ‘want to go back to bed’ that made last week an in-house week, it was wonderful to be outside enjoying all that a Canadian winter has to offer.  There are some days where Stephen and I are so aware that we live in a different country, that we are experiencing things we only imagined before we moved here.  Those are the days when we know we’ve done something special by moving here.

And featuring Huwyl’s first solo run!


This morning we’ve woken to brilliant blue skies and -33C temperatures so I think today we’ll be appreciating the beauty of winter from inside!  But these hours outside, whizzing down a hill or walking through the woods, will sustain me as we live through the good and bad of our Canadian winter.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Sunday

  1. Oh, it looks SO beautiful there! I would love to talk to you more about your decision to move there. It is something we have talked about so often. We have even looked at properties close to the border in Maine.

    1. I’d be happy to chat any time April. We love it here, though being so far from family and loved ones is very difficult, especially with young children. But the way of life we can have here is amazing and the boys are growing up to be big, strong, Canadian lads!

  2. Are they sliding down the ice penguin style? We did that a few weeks ago – no sled just bodies down the ice. It was fun.
    Looks glorious there!

  3. Yesterday was beautiful, wasn’t it?

    I took DD outside for a nice walk through our neighbourhood. She can walk quite far and it impresses me that for someone with such wee legs she can walk quite a distance.

    I wish though that she liked her sled. So far, she is not interested. Not sure what she doesn’t like about it (too low to the ground?) but that sled isn’t getting any love from her. Maybe next winter she’ll change her mind.

    1. I’m so glad you got out too! It was a gorgeous day and well worth wrapping up for. Honestly it is Huwyl who spends most of his time on the sledge, Neirin wants to walk. At his age Huwyl was the same and now we are hauling around the 40+lb child around while the other one walks!

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