Sights of Sunday

Sights of Sunday

This morning the mist was right up against the bedroom window when it was time to get up and head out for the morning chores.  Everything was cloaked, hidden in the glow of the early sunshine that had not yet burned off the moisture made heavy by the cool temperatures last night.

sunday august-9630sunday august-9642sunday august-9631sunday august-9637As the sun crested the trees the mist lit up, magnifying each droplet into a glowing lamp of golden light.

sunday august-9645sunday august-9641 sunday august-9638The chickens seemed unaware of the firey display around them, they were more interested in breakfast and early morning bug hunting.  The diamond dewdrops and spun silver spiderwebs don’t capture their imagination the way a juicy worm does.

sunday august-9633 sunday august-9650The misty shroud didn’t last too long, suffusing everything with the softness of half waking.  Quickly it burned off leaving a warm and busy day awaiting, but somehow I still seem to be carrying a fuzzy dream around with me, unwilling to let go of this gentle vision that began the day.

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