This weekend was an exciting and fun one for us, we went to our very first poultry auction! I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for us these were high times.  The exciting variety of poultry to admire, the decision making on which lots to bid on, the excitement of the bidding process, the…well the smell of lots of chickens in one place but we were able to overlook that.

We brought home with us a lovely set of birds, some of whom even gifted us with eggs yesterday, their first day on the farm.  We bought 2 black sexlinks, 2 Ameraucanas, 1 red/brown bird of indeterminate heritage, a mixed leghorn and what turned out to be a rooster, a pair of bantam Wyandotte and a pair of bantam Rhode Island Reds.  A mixed bag to be sure but when you are paying $6 for two birds it is hard to be churlish about their family history.

chickens-7917 chickens-7920 chickens-7925 Our new mini flock is  happily ensconced in the mini chicken run next to the main chicken pasture, that way they can settle in, find their feet and we can make sure no one is sick or carrying anything before we mix the flocks.  I have some grand schemes for a breeding programme but we’ll see how that goes along with all  the other projects we have going on around here this year!

chickens-7923 chickens-7921Yesterday was very cold but lovely and sunny, perfect for standing around watching our new chickens settle in.  We think some of them have been raised inside as they are very nervous of the outdoors, I’m sure they will soon get the hang of it, especially when the hay is replaced with real green grass and the fields are alive with delicious buggy treats once more.

After a busy weekend we enjoyed a hearty Sunday Dinner followed by some sofa snuggle time, what better way to finish off such a great weekend?

chickens-7927Happy Monday!

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