Skater Boy

Skater Boy

On Saturdays I take Huwyl to drama class right across town, after that I run errands so we are gone pretty much all afternoon.  It was a beautiful day, blue skies burned down on us and the white ice and snow that still covers the ground seemed to glow.  Imagine my delight to come home to discover we had ourselves an ice rink!

ice-7732 ice-7734 ice-7736The boys set too pretty quickly and soon it was all about the ‘skating’.   Neirin started asking to skate and even Huwyl expressed an interest, despite his earlier assertions that no skater would he be.

ice-7731ice-7735ice-7737As the sun set we were all full of skating plans for the next day.  Stephen and I decided we would invest in some skates for the boys so that they could have some ice time on the pond while it is still good and cold.  If they can learn to at least stand up I can take them to local rinks for some good whizzing around and, after all, they are Canadian.

By the next morning Huwyl had decided he was too nervous to try skating and wasn’t even willing to give it a go.  He was convinced he would crash into someone and so was not going to try.  No way, no how.

Now I don’t like pushing my kids into activities, but I also know that this kind of reluctance is a barrier to fun times, this is my own temperament too, I know how it goes.  So I told Huwyl a story about when I was little myself, it went like this.

When I was little a circus came to town, I don’t remember where it was but I do remember that we were out on a street and there was an elephant!  All the children were allowed to stroke it but I refused.  No way, I wasn’t touching that crazy creature!  I hung back and clung to my Mum instead.  But as the elephant walked away I was suddenly gripped by the desire to try, to reach out and touch it’s wrinkled skin, to feed it’s massive trunk.  Unfortunately it was too late, the elephant was gone and I had missed my chance.  I was an adult before I had another chance to touch an elephant, this time I rode on it and it was wonderful.  

When I had finished Huwyl immediately said “Skating is like the elephant!” and told me he really wanted to give skating a try.  So after an expensive visit to the skates store we headed to the biggest skating rink in the world, right in downtown Ottawa.

ice-7748  ice-7753 ice-7752ice-7754Suffice to say, the boy skated.  Before I knew it he was off, giving it his best.  He is still tentative and is just getting his bearings but he is trying and learning as he goes.  But the thing I am most proud of is that when he falls, which he is doing a lot right now, he gets right back up again and keeps trying.

We spent some time together down at the pond today, working on his skating.  Even in that short time he saw improvement and skated further and further away from his scared self and closer to his confident self.  The three rules that apply to skating seem to also apply to life in their own simple way.

Be confident, keep your head up and glide.


4 thoughts on “Skater Boy

  1. I love this post. Your boys are so handsome, dreamy really. I love how your boys look on the ice, having that ice for them is really awesome – a great way so spend time outside in the cold. Enjoy.

  2. Just wanted to say in regards to the “very expensive trip to the skate store”

    I had four pairs of feet to equip, many years ago, and would always check in right after Christmas at the GoodWill store and the like. There were always excellent, good-as-new but outgrown and replaced by Santa skates to be had for affordable prices. We had to change sizes so very often that this was the only way to bear the cost.

    I enjoy your blog and like to check in on you every so often. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Marion! We are lucky to have second hand skate stores here so we got our skates for a fraction of the new price, but kitting out 3 of us was still quite pricey, but worth it! I know I shouldn’t complain, it could have been a lot more! I will definitely check out the goodwill next season though : )

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