As much as January seems to drag, February seems to whizz by.  Each day has been full of school and cooking and reading books and all the other things daily life is made up of.  We are now doing 2 homeschool co-ops a week (busyness is my plan for getting through winter without going too mad) as well as other activities that keep us out and about, so on the other days I’m grateful to be home, safe and warm.

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I’ve been thinking about my health a lot this month, working on making myself as well as possible. January was a tough month and with spring right around the corner I want to feel that I have the energy I need to tackle not only the daily chores but the demands of an expanding farm.

I’ve been indulging heavily in my favourite tea, a locally made brew that has a teeny crystal in each bag and tastes blissful to boot.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as a pot of tea, knowing you can go back for a second cup anytime you like.  I’ve also been a lot stricter with taking my supplements and adding new ones into the mix to boost my overall health.  I’ve even done a 9 day cleanse to work of detoxing my system and boosting my energy, I have to say it’s really worked!

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Aside from our homeschool co-ops and our own school work the boys seem to have little trouble keeping themselves busy.  Sometimes they are busy arguing with each other and making as much mess as possible (ahem) but at least they are occupied.

The lego obsession continues and Huwyl is becoming ever more creative and ambitious with his projects, there always seems to be an ongoing story that the boys are participating in that weaves in and out of their games, art projects and car journeys.  It is a background chatter that I really enjoy, it soothes me to hear their imaginations running wild; it’s especially lovely to hear Neirin’s little voice piping up more and more, setting his own pace and creating his own stories.

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Bread and jam seems to be a current favourite for breakfast, snack or supper.  The whole wheat berries I buy come from a farm just a few miles away, I think there must be something intrinsically good about that.  Though I find whole wheat baking a challenge (and using heritage grains even more so) it seems worth it, especially when the boys can monster down a loaf in the course of a day.  Knowing that what they are eating is nourishing and contains only simple ingredients gives me great peace of mind.

Huwyl is particularly keen to try out all the different jams we have in the pantry, he is entering a phase where he relishes the new a bit more.  Neirin is still cautious, happily staying with tangy strawberry from berries he helped pick himself, a good choice on a cold day.

I have to admit I harbour guilt about not heading out into the great white world on our doorstep but I just can’t quite summon the enthusiasm!  My friend was telling me about how they are getting out skiing, skating and playing in the snow and I felt that niggly twist of doubt in my own tummy.  But I have to let myself off the hook, at least for this year.  Winter sports are new to me and I think that next year will be the perfect time to throw ourselves into all the fun the snowy months have to offer.

For now I’m content to watch it all through the bank of glass that separates us from the outside world, curled around a cup of tea and indulging in the stories my own imagination comes up with.  That feels right just now, so I’ll stick with it.

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