Winter Solstice 2012

Winter Solstice 2012

We started the day with bacon sandwiches (our home grown bacon), watching the snow falling heavily outside.  It has continued to fall through the day, the edges of the world becoming plump and round and the thick flakes snuggle on top of one another.  The day is slipping by in pleasant normality, not an apocalypse in sight.  This is our second December living here, but to me it feels like the first.

solstice2012-7291solstice2012-7275 solstice2012-7279 solstice2012-7282On days like this I’m grateful for many things, here are a few:

– A chap who knows how to clear driveways and a new and improved slightly ancient tractor;

– Silly dogs who make me laugh;

– Children being able to spend the day making a ‘snow wall’ outside, life skills at work;

– A truly beautiful bouquet of flowers, sent from my Dad, that are perfuming the kitchen as I sit here writing.

I haven’t ventured out much, a little walk around to check on the chickens (they are resolutely NOT coming out of their cosy coop) and then some supervising as Stephen tries out our ‘on loan’ snow blower (the snow is too wet it would seem).  I’m glad to have a warm house to cosy up in and nowhere that I have to be.

solstice2012-7286 solstice2012-7292 solstice2012-7293 solstice2012-7296 solstice2012-7301 solstice2012-7304The boys are in the bath (actually now I think of it they’ve been there for about an hour now I come to think of it…), Stephen is ploughing the drive and I’m taking the chance for a sneaky and actually hot cup of tea at the kitchen counter.  We have nothing major planned for today, just being together feels like a wonderful celebration all on it’s own.  It’s been quite a year here at the farm, a year of discovery and challenge and lots of work.  I’m looking forward to another one…after a little bit of a rest that is.  Tea anyone?

4 thoughts on “Winter Solstice 2012

  1. So many thoughts.
    First of all, I love how you said “chap”. So English. (ps I love Jamie Oliver.)
    Second, what kind of dogs do you have and what are thier names?
    Third, we didn’t do much for solstice this year. We spent two days in Regina for my husband’s mom’s funeral and as luck would have it, he has contracted a stomach virus and has been sick during the entire thing.
    Your pictures are lovely.
    I love winter. And snow. And Solstice.
    Happy holidays to you.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you had such a rubbish solstice, what a sad loss for you and your family. I hope that you have a healing christmas to rest and recuperate with lots of love and cuddles.

      As you ask our dogs are Bella, a black lab cross (she’s a rescue so her provenance is not 100% certain) who’s about 11/12 years old and getting a bit on the creaky side these days. Our ‘puppy’ is Winnie, she’s a Great Pyrenees, and about 18 months old so still a bit on the giddy side. She weighs in at around 100lbs so that’s a lot of giddy in one package!

      Sending you wishes for a restorative holiday for you and your chap, take care xxx

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