Moving Along

Moving Along

Is it me or are the months spinning by?  Already it’s October (my favourite month of the year) but I’m not sure where September went.  Perhaps it’s hiding in the boxes (and boxes) of tomatoes that are waiting to be processed?  Who knows.




Huwyl spent his first night away from home since his brother was born this weekend.  He attended a camp in the woods and came back utterly exhausted.  Monday saw him wake with a temperature and a head cold that’s leaving him feeling a bit tired and in need of TLC.  To add to that Daddy is away so we’re managing the farm by ourselves.  Luckily there is a lot less to do than even a month ago but it’s still enough to keep us busy.

And then there are the tomatoes, we currently have boxes of them in the garage waiting for my attendance.  Stephen stripped the plants in the rain on Sunday, the frosts are now regular at night so we wanted to claim as many as we can.  Yesterday I made 4 quarts of passatta, another 6 quarts that I turned into tomato ketchup and then 5 quarts of crushed tomatoes were canned.  It barely made a dent.

I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that we wont’ get through them all, but we’ll certainly have many happy chickens as they love dining on the extras.  I’m having a morning of just spending time with the boys and tidying round, then this afternoon I’ll be making some green tomato chutney, Stephen’s favourite.  Now I’m off to bring the fire back to life, it is keeping us company as the days turn colder and the damp clings long past the early hours of morning.

October is here!  What will you be doing with it?

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