Everywhere I look at the moment I see abundance.  In the garden, the kitchen and in everyday life.  The boys are full of beans and beginning to gain confidence exploring outside; the bouquet’s of flowers are changing with the seasons and reflect their journeys to different corners of the fields.  My basket contains not just eggs and salad, which we’ve had in abundance for a few months, but now the glowing red globes are starting to make their presence felt.  And the courgettes (or zucchini as they are also known) are flying out of the ground faster than we can find ways to cook them.

Last weekend Stephen brought in 2 1/2 large sacks of potatoes from the vegetable garden, we feasted on them all week delighted by our golden bounty.  When Neirin was out with him he called it ‘digging for potato treasure’, that is just how it feels when one of those pale ovals emerges from the dark brown soil.

This week gold is replaced with ruby as the tomatoes take over, each vine has orange or bright red fruit mixed in with the green, all ripening under a blue August sky.  The breezes are softer and cooler than they were last month, making the harvesting feel like a holiday rather than a chore.  The hard slog that Stephen put in during the boiling months of summer is coming to fruition in the most tangible, and edible, way.  I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the fruits of our labour, so content to exist within this little oasis of loveliness.

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