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Month: July 2012

Little Things

Little Things

It really is the little things, the small spots of colour and beauty dotted around, that make life pleasurable.

*  A basket of turnip thinings that are destined to add nourishment to our chickens and pigs.  You’ve got to love organic farming methods.

*  The aforementioned piggles enjoying a turnipy snack.  I love that you never have to nag the animals to eat their greens.

*  The abundance in the garden as produce slowly wins the fight over weeds.  Salads ready for the plate right now, onions growing strong and squash plants that will soon yield courgettes and marrows.

*  Hanging out a sheet in the summer sun just as my Mum taught me to do, just like her Mum taught her.  My humble pegs sending a hand back to the past, to the grandma’s and great grandma’s turning their faces briefly to the sun.  I wonder if they caught a glimpse of me too?

*  Home made brown rice flour destined for use in this delicious gluten free brownie recipe.

*  The beautiful wild flowers that perfume the air around us, turning their faces to the sun; their simplicity is what makes them so arresting.

All these little highlights, little moments mark the pleasing passage of life.  The sound of the summer wind in the trees and grasses outside, the huge fluffy clouds drifting in stately fashion across the blue sky that matches the flowers below.

And of course not forgetting,

Those big floppy ears, the snuffling snout, the muddy, scratchy prickles.  Watching these animals move simply through life, enjoying the necessary acts of eating, drinking, wallowing; their contentment washes over me, catches me up then sends me away with a greater measure of peace.