As the summer progresses our garden is growing apace.  The earth here has rested for an undetermined amount of years and seems to be enjoying the opportunity to throw veggies out of the ground and a rapid rate of knots.  Stephen has worked so hard ploughing, re-ploughing and planting this last month and his work is really starting to show.

We have peas, beans, carrots, parsnips, cabbages, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, romaine as well as squashes, melons, turnips, bok choi, swiss chard, fruit bushes, garlic, onions, rhubarb and 275 tomato plants.  What’s that you say? 275 tomato plants is an insane amount of tomato plants, one man surely couldn’t have done that himself?

Well you’d be right,

Since my Dad arrived two weeks ago he has been enslaved willingly supported our farming efforts by planting 200 tomatoes all on his lonesome.  Yes the two chaps in this house are indeed farming heroes.  What was a piece of overgrown field set to grow yet more grass is now a blooming wonderland of productivity.  As well as growing food for ourselves we have rows of root veg that the chickens and pigs will benefit from during the winter months.  We are all being nourished by the hard work or our strapping chaps.

And what have I been doing you ask?  Well someone has to eat all that salad.

6 thoughts on “Garden

  1. I hope you have a thriving vegie patch and no little critters make a meal out of all your hard work. Nothing like homegrown tomatoes, salad and other yummy goodies! We had such a crappy summer here, we got 2 ripe tomatoes before the weather changed. I think I will try a greenhouse this year to raise my tomatoes! Jacinta

    1. A greenhouse definitely sounds like a good idea! While we have a bajillion plants they are still pretty small and we haven’t got a sniff any actual tomatoes yet so I won’t count my ketchup before it’s cooked!

  2. 1. What are you going to do with all those tomatoes?
    2. Do tomatoes ship well? (Just wondering…)
    3. I’m going to need a photo of your dad, holding today’s newspaper and a tasty treat, to prove he hasn’t been worked to death. Otherwise, I’m calling some sort of elder organization…

    1. 1. I am going to make passata, ketchup and canned toms until I can stand it no more. Then I’ll probably eat a biscuit and do some more. We are planning tomato independence and we shall achieve!
      2. I will look into shipping, perhaps if we wrap them up really well but I’m thinking an A4 envelope is out.
      3. I can assure you my Dad is fine and while I may have no documentary evidence of this I am giving the green light on a production including my Dad that will prove certifiably that he is fine. It will be called “I’m Fine”. It’s a working title.

  3. I think Emma may have conveniently cropped out the shackles attached to Dads ankles! That said, my Dad has super itchy feet and cannot sit still for a minute, even though he would deny that! I think today’s newspaper isn’t a bad idea all the same!

    I have 4 tomato plants. I think I will get a bottle of ketchup if I am lucky. Look into the shipping costs for me.

    Great pics, everything looks very tasty and healthy. Ergo, none can been spotted in my fridge!


    1. I refuse to comment on the above allegations on the grounds that I might incriminate myself! Yes we have lots of green which I know you are allergic too ; ) I will save you some ketchup though as I know that is a vegetable dish you can handle!!!!

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