Growing Girls

Growing Girls

So the last time I showed pictures of the pigs they were pretty titchy, not so much now…

To give a little context those troughs that the pigs are happily snuffling in were too big for them just two months ago, they actually had to climb in for the first week.  They really are growing apace and we have a good few more months of their company before they are big enough for slaughter.  And they really are great company, everything about them is fun to watch.

Each morning I’m greeted by the impatient oinking coming from inside their little house, they can hear me coming with my bucket and, when I finally open the door, they burst out like stampeding cattle.  Luckily they don’t go very far, only to the trough where they chow down on breakfast.  I take the chance to fill up their water and maybe get in a few good morning scratches before I head off to sort the chickens and walk the dogs.

Early afternoon I head out again, I feed them around 3/4 pm each afternoon and again top up their water as they have inevitably tipped it over.  Today was a hot one so I spent some time refilling their wallows and spraying them with the hose.  They adored it and were jumping in their water like it was a bath, turning their faces up to the spray and jostling for postion in the now full muddy baths.

I’m so proud of the way my girls are growing, I’m sure it is a sign of the care we take to give them a good life.  Their days are spent in freedom on pasture, their natural behaviours of rooting and wallowing in full evidence.  At night they cosy up (after Stephen finally chases them in well after sunset), secure in the their little cottage.  It’s a pig’s life and it looks pretty good.

8 thoughts on “Growing Girls

  1. It must be an absolute joy to look after these gorgeous pigs, I love them!
    It’s so good to see how your land,farm and home are coming along, and how much you are all enjoying it.

      1. That would be wonderful thank you 🙂 I would of course have to buy you something(s) from the Le Creuset range as a ‘Thank you’ – I shall pay for them by dipping into the the profits I make from best-selling novel I’m writing. Yes I am being realistic, maybe 🙂 Have a great day 🙂 Xoxo

  2. Love the piggy tails! With pigs and bees, I’d never get anything done. I would be watching them all day long. Your farm is really coming along and I can sense the love you have for your new lifestyle. So happy for you all. Jacinta

    1. Thanks Jacinta : ) We do love it here and it is so fun to be here after years and years (and years!) of dreaming it all. Those pigs are distracting though, I could watch them all day!

  3. The pigs have now stretched to beyond the hugging phase! They look plump and happy, not unlike myself!!

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